What is fraud in mobile-app advertising?

At Jana, we collect a vast amount of data to qualify our users for our clients. Our clients are generally app developers that want to expand their business in emerging markets. Our users get mobile data to try apps they discover on our platform, increasing the likelihood that they become loyal users. However, this also opens a hole for fraudulent behavior from malicious users. Over time, Jana has mastered keeping such ill-intentioned users at bay.

What is fraud in mobile-app advertising?

In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. For Jana, fraud is the act of getting more data than one deserves, at the expense of other users, Jana, and our advertisers.

As an advertiser, what should I care about?

In mobile advertising, all that matters is whether every dollar spent on advertising generates a return on investment (ROI). ROI can be framed in terms of incremental revenue, LTV (long-term value), network effects, and so on. In every system, there are losses and inefficiencies, so one shouldn’t focus on the fact that there are a few people who are abusing. Rather, one should focus on getting value out of my investment.

How Jana provides great ROI for our clients

At Jana, we empower users with mobile data to use the apps we advertise. In return, advertisers get loyal users. Here’s how we match the right users to our clients:

  1. Jana only distributes mobile data, which can’t be used for purchasing things. Therefore, users have much less incentive to defraud us. Most of our competitors actually give money.
  2. Most of the mobile data we give out is in return for using apps. Who would spend countless hours a day using apps they don’t like in return for a few dollars worth of mobile data?
  3. Lastly, we have machine learning algorithms that predict the likelihood of being a high quality user of an app. In advertising, abusers can easily fake their identify, where they’re from, and which devices they use. Most publishers only use these data points to filter malicious users. At Jana, we understand that these attributes are easily faked. We use our vast quantity of behavioral data, such as which apps are being used and what is being done inside our own app, to score users and only show apps they actually care about.

Jana is uniquely positioned

Fraud is omnipresent in any industry. What matters is how much value is provided overall to the advertisers. Jana provides great value to our client by minimizing fraud with our mission of providing mobile data and by enabling our data-science powerhouse to qualify our users in unique ways.

If you want to solve fun problems, we’re hiring.


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