Data for all at #sql-help

We love Slack. We use it for everything from inside jokes to product discussions to automated alerting and more.

Of the dozens of channels, my favorite is our #sql-help channel. We use this channel to ask colleagues for help writing SQL queries. Why do I love this channel?

It empowers people to “Own It“. Any employee can easily get access to SQL credentials, granting access to rich (anonymized) data about our business. We’ve had account managers, sales people, marketers and accountants dig into the tables to understand our business better. At some larger organizations, analysts do the data pulls. At a scrappy startup like Jana, our data scientists aren’t the only people running experiments and validating changes!


It encourages personal growth and curiosity. Whether you’re performing your first INNER JOIN or writing a complicated table function, #sql-help encourages us to try to new things and learn more. We’ve created an environment where you can feel safe to experiment and make mistakes (write access is guarded very carefully). Snowflake allows each user to have their own scratch workspace to play around and explore.

It’s a place for collaboration. #sql-help embodies Jana’s friendly, helpful culture. No question is too novice.  As novices learn, they turn around and help new folks.

It encourages us to “Measure It”, another core Jana Value. With access to data, everyone can make better decisions. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a product change, we use data to validate (or disprove) our gut feelings.

Love being empowered by data?  We’re hiring!



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